The Heroes

Bob Swersky is an average middle-aged man who just happens to be a super hero. Aside from his likability and calm demeanor he doesn’t have any super powers or special abilities. 

Steve is Bob's new sidekick.  Steve has the uncanny ability to emit a noxious odor on command from his armpits.  The usefulness of this superpower is still in question.

The Villains

Carl the Evil Klown is Cityville's long-time villain. After a lengthy vacation he came back to Cityville only to learn that his apartment (with a secret lab) had been rented to someone else.  Carl is currently living in a motel at the edge of town.

Dr. M'Agico is Cityville's newest villain. He is very particular about the pronunciation of his name, apparently its pronounced Muh-GEE-co.  Upon arriving in Cityville, Dr. M'Agico managed to find a nice apartment with a built-in secret lab.  He has a strong, and somewhat disturbing, attachment to his stuffed bunny Bunita.

The Regulars

Robert Franklin is the mayor of Cityville. There's a rumor circulating around Cityville that Mayor Franklin might be a pirate.  

The Police Chief works to keep Cityville safe. He is often helped, or hindered, by Cityville's super heroes.  It seems the Chief is one of the more level-headed citizens of Cityville.

Sally is a young resident of Cityville. She is perky, always smiling, and really, really likes Bob Swersky.  She even has a Bob Sersky, Super Hero action figure.

How Bob Swersky is Made

Bob Swersky, Super Hero is created in DAZ Studio for the 3D images and ComicLife 3 to assemble the images into comic pages.  Creating a 3D scene for an image takes 20 minutes to an hour depending on the complexity scene.  The images are rendered using the Iray render engine, each render takes 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity, materials and lighting.  Since the images are downsized I usually don't render them to 100% convergence. I rarely do any post processing on the images. All together an single panel takes about 45 minutes to an an hour and a half to finish.

Most of the 3D comics I see use camera filters or post processing to give them more of a printed comic feel, for Bob Swersky, Super Hero I specifically wanted the 3D look. I am a big fan of the Rankin/Bass stop motion TV shows (such as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reigndeer and Santa Claus is Comin' to Town) and try to capture that feel with Bob Swersky, Super Hero.

I write a detailed outline, and sometimes a full script, for each chapter though I usually stray from the script or even rewrite it as I start creating the panel images.  Unlike real comic artists I don't schetch out the panels ahead of time. 

I have a lot planned for the comic, including an intersting backstory for Bob.  Not all is as it seems.

I hope you enjoy reading Bob Swersky, Super Hero as much as I enjoy creating it.